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Just the mention of authentic Memphis-style BBQ and it’s like the Pavlov’s Dog trigger effect for those who know how BBQ is done right. But what happens when you add a 3-day weekend of no-holds-barred pork BBQ events held at the historic Peabody Hotel in Memphis? You get treated to a look inside to how the process is done with tasty tidbits all weekend long! The folks at have ensured that your wishes are about to be granted.

Peabody Hotel Memphis

Peabody Hotel Memphis

The opportunity to be surrounded by some of the best of the best of BBQ in Memphis is nearly at hand with the second annual ‘Meat Up in Memphis’ BBQ event. It all kicks off this year with a limited engagement of attendees that can book space at the world-famous Peabody Hotel. Right around the corner from the evergreen music scene of Beale Street, so come and book a room at the hotel so you get an insider peek at the BBQ secrets of real pork Pitmasters.

There are loads of seminars from the experts who’ll love to share their secrets of BBQ pork, and it’s no surprise that Meathead Goldwyn will be heading the main stage for heavy-hitting Pitmaster tips. If you want to book a room for this incredible event, rooms are still available for this 3-day extravaganza, which starts March 18th to March 21st 2021. Honestly, you might want to book a couple extra days, so you can take advantage of the special hotel rates.

You’ll have seminars, BBQ pork samples, and dinners, with loads of fun in between. To attend this event you’ll want to purchase the tickets for this exclusive meeting beforehand. The full 3-day event will only cost you $727 for access to all the daily events, talks, and included dinners. The only thing that you won’t get is adult beverages which are not part of this package. But that’s only just the start since you’ll get lots of SWAG!

Meathead Goldwyn’s latest book “The Science of Great Barbecuing and Grilling”

Meathead Goldwyn’s latest book “The Science of Great Barbecuing and Grilling”

Once you book tickets for this BBQ event, you’ll be treated to free morning coffee, breakfast buffets, soft beverages, evening dinners, afternoon BBQ samples, and lots more. You’ll be given a complete gift bag, door prizes, and hourly drawings. Not only that, you can finally get a personalized and signed copy from Meathead Goldwyn’s latest book “The Science of Great Barbecuing and Grilling“, on top of any personal photos you want to get.

Now when it comes to getting a room at the Peabody Hotel, you’ll need to check out the info page on for the Meat Up in Memphis page to claim this amazing deal. You can get rates that are reduced to 50% for all the days that you stay, making any size group affordable. But you’ve got to act fast since they only have enough room for 400 guests before they cut-off this offer.

When it comes to exclusive access to this event, you’ll be able to start the day with seminars and expositions that feature the latest in BBQ grilling and product demos. One of the big highlights of this three-day weekend get-together is an exclusive tasting of the best of Memphis BBQ that will happen on Sunday, Aug. 29th. With at least 10 of the top Memphis BBQ joints all throughout the town, you’ll find an all-inclusive treat for attendees.


You’ll get to sample all their best pork BBQ dishes they’re proud to offer. But that’s not all since there an all-out Friday night dinner bash at the world-famous Rendevous restaurant featuring a whole hog that’s cooked to perfection. On top of that, you can experience the sights and sounds of downtown Memphis when the lights go down. If you haven’t experiences Beale Street, you won’t want to miss out.

gathering at Silky O’Sullivan’s pub

Silky o’ O’Sullivan’s Pub

That can’t more apparent with a special invite to a special party being held around the corner from the hotel at Silky O’Sullivan’s pub. There will be special guests, live music, and a chance to participate in a live jam during the break on Sunday night! Don’t forget to bring along your musical instrument, you’ll make this evening a night to remember. Perhaps you might be able to share a drink with Meathead Goldwyn and swap BBQ grilling stories.




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